Powerboard: “Define the Problem” Part 2



Image result for skateboard What are the risks?

Unfortunately making a project like this comes with its many risks. Our success rate is pretty low because of all the factors we need to go right and even if we do succeed there is a very big chance of our Powerboard not reaching the desired speed.

How much will it cost?

Our project will cost about $165, and it breaks down like this;

Motor=$68                                                                              Li-Po Batteries=46
ESC=$25                                                                                                                                                          Motor Mount and Pulleys=$19

How long will it take?

Our project will take around 8 weeks to complete.

 What is the “deliverable” and “milestones” of your project? What are the mid-term and final “exams” to check for success? Put another way, what are the major things you must accomplish during the semester to have a successful project before the end of the semester?

By the end of this week we hope to have ordered all of our materials. In two weeks we hope to have a full scale detailed drawing of what we want our final product to be. We want to have finished the ESC and motor systems by the beginning of Winter Break, and start testing after returning from break.