By: shawn lisann

Chess is a world wide logic game played with two players over a checkered 8×8 board. Each player has sixteen pieces and the goal is to get your opponent’s king by check mating him/her. There are six different pieces in chess. Each of these pieces moves in a different, unique way. For example, a rook moves side to side.

Chess relates to engineering in the thinking that is done. Both chess players and engineers must think of a way that will help them succeed at their task. A chess player must think of strategies to help them win the game while engineers must think of a way to accomplish whatever task they are doing. The main ways that these two things are related is the thinking that goes into it.

Above, there are links to articles and pictures that you can find information on the topic. These resources can help you understand the game and its history or give you strategies in chess. If you would like to know even more I will put a you tube video at the bottom of this article for your enjoyment.

Thank you for reading the article and enjoy!