Fold-able Pencil Sharpener Key Chain


By: Jacqueline Connett

Everyone knows that its handy to always have a pencil sharpener on hand in case you need it. This fold-able pencil sharpener key chain is a cost effective project to work on when free time is in reach. It’s also really easy to make! First you cut and measure the materials that you need to make the fold-able pencil sharpener key chain. Then sharpen your skills and cut a wooden wedge for your key chain. Later, glue the notch and the pencil sharpener together carefully with a piece of wood or a tooth pick. While you’re waiting for it to dry, drill some holes in your keys and pencil sharpener so you can make them apart of the key chain. Lastly attach everything to the chain and sand it down. Then you’re finished!

There are many ways this project relates to engineering, it uses the engineering and designing process, civil engineers, mechanical engineers, structural engineers, etc, can make this project. This project relates to the world because most people at one point went to school where they used pencils that needed to be sharpened. Also, most people use key chains to hold their keys! As you can see this project can relate to lots of things!