How to make a Wind-Up Toy?

How to make a Wind-Up Toy?







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Wind-Up toys have been the toys every kid wanted to have in early years.Now not so many kids play with them but still they can be fun interesting toys for some kids and babies. The wind-up toys were first made in 15th century by a German inventor, Karel Grod. Later on Leonardo Da Vinci created one 1509, he wind-up toys continued on getting better and now they are being sold in many stores across the world. Would you like to make one of these amazing toys.

So how a wind-up toy works is after releasing the winder spring tries to unfold and the potential energy is converted into kinetic energy. Which later on transferred to the gears attached to the spring, which in turn rotates other gears or spins axles, making the toy roll forward, spin, flip or buzz. Where I got this information and for more visit (

Also Wind-Up toys doesn’t have to be with so many metals. You can make a easy one with a rubber band and some other materials.

This relates to engineering by making and learning the mentality of a motor.This also relates to engineering because it relates to making a device that engages with children. Finally, it relates to engineering by being organized to work on a project.