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Cicadas, What’s The Point?

You can hear the chorus of the cicadas every afternoon, but what's the point in them? Periodical cicadas, the ones out now, come out every 13-17.

Venus Returns As NASA’s Hot Spot For Robotic Missions

NASA's new administrator, Bill Nelson, announced two new robotic missions to the Solar System's hottest planet, Venus. Perhaps our most overlooked neighbor, Venus is the second planet from the Sun and the hottest of them all; it is named after the Roman goddess, Venus, goddess of love

Which Planet Is The Closest To Earth?

The question of 'Which planet is the closest' is one most everyone can answer. It is obviously Venus, isn't it?

Why Hasn’t VR Had It’s Big Break?

Virtual reality technology has existed for two decades but has never domintated the market. Most predicted that VR would take off during the initial 2020 lockdown since many were bored at home but this actually wasn't the case.

Turkey Reveals National Space Program and 2023 Moon Mission

On February 9th Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan revealed a 10 year space program for his country. He announced the program as part of his vision for putting Turkey in a more global and regional role.
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