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The History of Electric Cars

Electric cars have been becoming very popular in the last few years. Electrical car companies such as tesla have grown a lot. Currently, one in 20 cars is electrical, and the rate is predicted to rise...

How Quantum Computers Work

You might have heard of Quantum computers recently. Quantum computers are new computers still in development. Regular computers use bits. Bits are how computers store and process information. They are...

The Story of 5G

Recently there has been excitement about the new 5g. Companies have been deploying 5g networks since 2019. 5g will be a lot better than 4g, which was made in 2009. 5g networks will be a lot faster than...

What Are Nanobots?

What Are Nanobots?

Nanobots are tiny robots that can help fight off infections and other diseases. They are about 1-10 micrometers long. To see how small that is, a sheet of paper is 100 micrometers long. The smallest nanobots...

Nasa’s Plan To Go Back To The Moon

The last time any person has walked on the moon was back in December 1975, which was about 45 years ago. Nasa is trying to change that by sending a person back to the moon as soon as 2024. The new mission...

Perseverance Rover Lands on Mars

On February 18, 2021, the perseverance rover landed on Mars. It has already taken over 7000 photos.

Elon Musk Plans To Get People To Mars By 2026

Elon Musk is also looking to make Starship fully reusable.
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