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The Stunning Animation of Spider-Man into the Spider-Verse

Sony's Spider-Verse is a groundbreaking film best known for its clashing and comic-like art and animation. This is a beloved story and was a new and challenging project for animators.

A New World for Kids to be Creative

Little Inventors is a project where kids can bring their ideas to life with art and engineering. If these kids keep up their curiosity and creativity, they could definitely make the world a better place with their helpful and inspiring ideas and inventions.

The Big, Complicated Process of John Edmark’s Intriguing and Beautiful Bloom Spirals

John Edmark is an engineer who experiments with angles and spirals to create patterns. Edmark makes his work to look for unusual behaviors in math and art. The Math The math in Edmark’s pieces...

The Hoberman Sphere: More Than Just A Toy

Hoberman’s cool designs and pieces could lead to new, transformable technology, from furniture to medical devices. Hoberman was not originally focused on making a kid’s toy.

Daniel Rozin’s Mirrors

“The mirror is doing more than taking your image, it is capturing something about your soul and showing it back to you. These amazing works of art wouldn’t be possible without the engineer and you."- Daniel Rozin
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