A New World for Kids to be Creative


Person holding a very small toy car

SciFri. (2019). Creation made by a Little Inventor. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OpBTvhlLEzI

By: Caitlin Arnold, Reporter

Little Inventors is an engineering society in Sunderland and South Tyneside, UK. Run by Domonic Wilcox and Katherine Mengardon, Little Inventors is a project where kids can bring their ideas to life with art and engineering. 

How it Works

Little Inventors works by, first, the kids fill out a sheet of paper for what they want to invent. Next, a group of skilled engineers and designers from different industries such as 3-D printing, wood working, and glass, get together to discuss which ideas they are most interested in and that would probably make the most impact and decide which ones to go on with. Then, the kids get to meet the engineers, and the kids tell the engineers what  their invention is and how it works. Lastly, the engineers let the kids watch and help them design and build the invention.


The reason behind Little Inventors is to encourage kids to be creative and to get interested in stuff like architecture and design and engineering, Dominic Wilcox even says, “Invention and creativity is like a muscle, and if you stop using it, you lose it.”. If these kids keep up their curiosity and creativity, they could definitely make the world a better place with their helpful and inspiring ideas and inventions.


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