The Sound of the Magnetosphere

Explore What The Magnetosphere Is, And The Fascinating Sounds It Produces
Rendering of the Magnetosphere.
Rendering of the Magnetosphere.
Source: NASA


Earth is the only known habitable planet in our complex universe. The Earth is located in a spot called, “The Habitable Zone”, which is the spot in our Solar System that is the most optimal spot for survival. The Sun controls where the Habitable Zone is because the heat gained from the Sun directly corresponds to chances for life on Earth. The Habitable Zone is one of the main reasons life thrives on Earth, but it is not the only reason.

The Magnetosphere is the guardian of Earth, and, like the Habitable Zone, is responsible for civilization on our planet. The Magnetosphere protects us from the harmful radiation that the sun emits, as well as solar wind. The harmful radiation called ultraviolet (or UV) light can cause sunburns, eye problems, and even skin cancer. Because UV light is so dangerous, without the magnetosphere, life would likely never have survived 4.6 billion years ago.

The Magnetosphere

Magnetospheres can actually be found on almost every planet, and it just so happens to be that Earth has the strongest one in our Solar System. According to NASA (National Aeronautic and Space Administration) a Magnetosphere is “the region around a planet dominated by the planet’s magnetic field…It is generated by the convective motion of charged, molten iron, far below the surface in Earth’s outer core”. In simple terms,  a Magnetosphere is any place around a planet where the magnetic field is charged with the heat from molten iron.

The Magnetosphere has many different layers, the outermost one being the bow shock. The bow shock absorbs most of the solar winds approaching Earth, and has the most plasmatic instabilities than any other layer due to the amount of solar winds it absorbs.

Listing to the Magnetosphere

Even though there is no sound in space, using magnetic signals, scientists can “listen” to the sounds that the Magnetosphere makes. The result: a five minute clip of creaks and crackling. This noise clip was first put together in 2022 by the European Space Agency (ESA), and released to the public in October of that year. While not much attention has been brought to this topic, it is a revelation that will inspire future generations to seek beyond our world.

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