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ChatGPT Users Claim The AI Has Become “Lazy”

Issues With OpenAI’s CEO Surface Yet Again
Source: Jonathan Kemper

Over the past few months, the company OpenAI has been receiving plenty of complaints from the users of their AI chatbot, ChatGPT, with claims that it has become “lazy”. Users have even speculated that this change in behavior was intentionally caused by OpenAI, in order to reduce the cost of running ChatGPT.

Many forums online, as well as the develop platforms for OpenAI have been filled with complaints about ChatGPT’s performance. People claim that it will respond with sass, providing minimal effort in it’s response, and even telling

A tweet from the ChatGPT official twitter, saying that they have not updated the model, and they are looking into fixing the unintentional behavior

the user to solve the problem themselves. Since running chatbots that respond in detail consumes large amounts of energy, theories that the shorter responses were intentionally changed became popular. The belief being that OpenAI is attempting to optimize resources.

However, as shown in the tweet to the side, OpenAI has claimed that they were unaware of the change, and did not cause it themselves.

The recent controversy surrounding Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, it also adds to the issues with the company. What also does not help is a Washington Post article, that describes the behavior of Altman towards his employees as “toxic”.


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