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Nuclear Pasta Found To Be In Neutron stars

Wacky Shapes of Pasta Found in Neutron Stars.
a video about nuclear pasta
Source: stock images+ microsoft paint
is this what you thought the headline ment?


When you looked at the head line did you think that “No way pasta in stars? Crazy!” well no there’s no real pasta in stars but instead we have atomic goop that takes the shape of several different pasta shapes that is inside of neutron stars speaking of which what are neutron stars?  Neutron stars are dead stars that have similar masses to our sun while only being the size of a city. within these stars recently were theorized and later confirmed to be these patterns of extremely dense neutrons and protons that take shape in forms of pasta like structures.

Stats of Nuclear Pasta

Nuclear pasta is a  Material that is1 10 billion times stronger then all currently know matter. Other then than pasta like structures other food like structures were found such as the waffle shape, which was even more important because it was the first detected of the shapes, which made nuclear pasta move from theoretical to most likely a common formation with in neutron stars. While yes no scientist could ever create this pasta with our currents resources nor does our technology allow us to, we have been able to simulate what it would look like and even 3d print a model of it. one of the reasons that this is important is that its strength is important to several astronomical concepts.

Practical Purposes of This Knowledge

Some of the more practical uses for them include is that the type of pasta is influenced by the crust of the star so by knowing the pasta type you know the state of the crust and vis versa.  this can be used to under stand what matter does under strain and stretch of advanced conditions that would be found in neutron stars. more practical uses are not discovered yet but it could possibly be used to help mange future reactors that use stars as fuel.

Types of Nuclear Pasta

Here are the different “pasta” types that have been detected(and simulated)


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