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The story behind the Russian-Ukrainian War

This war has token us by storm and it is mainly a one sided war about a conflict that Russia has with it’s neighboring country Ukraine.

This war has taken us by storm and it is mainly a one sided war about a conflict that Russia has with its neighboring country Ukraine. This problem has been all over social media and the popular opinion is that Russia is in the wrong and that Ukraine has been a victim since it was invaded. The Russian and Ukrainian War has been an event that has been that had been going on since 2014. When Ukraine had the Revolution of Dignity that’s when Russia added Crimea from Ukraine and supported pro Russian separatists fighting the Ukrainian military in the Donbas war. In 2022, the United States told Ukraine that Russia plans to go full on throttle on their country and invade it. Russia still dealt a lot of damage to Ukraine but Ukraine has fought back to Russia even though Russia is such a big name. In the year and a half since Russia’s full-scale invasion, Ukraine has regained 54 percent of occupied territory, while Russia still occupies only 18 percent of the country. Ukraine’s 2023 offensive has achieved minor territory gains, but the frontlines have remained stable for almost a year.

Both sides have made progress and have tried, making breakthroughs increasingly difficult, and the number of military casualties has gone up to an estimated half a million. In October 2021, months of intelligence gathering and observations of Russian troop movements, force build-up, and military contingency financing culminated in a White House briefing with U.S. intelligence, military, and diplomatic leaders on a near certain mass scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. The invasion was something that was known about but still dealt a lot of damage to Ukraine. Events that were supposed to happen in Ukraine cannot happen there since they don’t want to risk a bombing or just any risk of danger. For example, soccer teams like Shakhtar Donetsk have to play in Germany now due to their country being in a large conflict.



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