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How AI will change our world forever

How can we use AI to make the world a better place

You have probably heard about AI somewhere, whether at school, work, or online, but do you know what AI can do besides answer your questions? Probably not, and that is why I am here today to help you learn how AI saves lives and changes the world as we know it.

Before we talk about how AI can change our world, we must first understand how AI works. AI adapts to information, and then the algorithm does the programming. It can find certain things in the data so that it can acquire those skills, like teaching itself how to do calculus. There were just the basics of AI, and there is so much more to AI. Make sure to visit the Take Action section below to learn more about AI.

I am sure that at least 95% of you here know about the Brish and Pennsylvanian Dutchman who goes by the name of; Elon Musk. This man included many well-known and wealthy people like Bill Gates. On September 13, twenty-two descended on Capitol Hill to speak and discuss with senators how to apply guardrails and restrictions on the use and development of AI. Among these wealthy men were people such as American Federation of Teachers President Randi Rivkin. Who were also there to share and contribute their ideas. This meeting contained the smartest and brightest people in the entire world, so what happened as a result of this panel? How were there any guidelines or rules set? Google’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, gave four ways that Congress and America could help keep AI development controlled. Pichai first said that we created rules and policies for the expansion and innovation of our country through development and immigration laws that created more reason for immigration, research, and investment. Sundar then secondly stated, “by driving greater use of AI in government,” third by applying AI to big problems like detecting cancer, and finally by “advancing a workforce transition agenda that benefits everyone.” If the government could come out to fulfill these requests, the US would be the top in AI development and the well-being of our citizens. Currently, in the US, many students are using AI to cheat on exams, assignments, and essays. Which is something that Mark Zuckerburg is worried about. When people cheat using AI to write their essays for them, they aren’t learning and exercising their brain, and without these exercises and studies that are necessary to improve the brain, how is the US expected to innovate with the help of people who can’t aren’t even at a 6th-grade reading level? This could also create a big gap between very literate people with many skills and high IQs and people with low literacy levels and skills. Without innovation, the US will slowly fall behind in technology and its military, eventually leading to the extinction of this country. But we should be careful with legislation and go slow because people like Chuck Schumer worry that if we rush through it, everything will be ruined.

But what would the United States be like in the future with no guidelines in place? It would be a mess. People today are already exploiting AI for uses not as bad as writing your assignments for you, hacking into mainframes, and stealing private and secretive data and information.

Aside from the negative, what can AI do to help us positively? AI can replace humans in solving complicated problems, like how to send a man to Mars. It can also replace humans in jobs like accounting, fraud detectors, software developers, and many more. Don’t be too worried, though, because most jobs like sports trainers, choreographers, therapists, lawyers, and many others can only be achieved with a human element. AI can eliminate the factor of human error, which would save many lives. It can help predict diseases before they happen, imagine knowing you will have cancer before having it, in 2023 there are currently 10 million deaths and 20 million cases.

Despite the help that AI could lend us, many people are worried about whether AI could hurt humanity. Many are worried that AI would replace every job and might even take over humanity, like in the movie Terminator. But people aren’t seeing the big idea—how AI can not only save lives but also change them for others that don’t even exist yet. Right now, we are facing so many problems all at once that could be unlocked with just one key, which is AI.


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