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How Gummy Candy Can Improve 3-D Printed Food

3D printing food is evolving better than ever with gummies
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Why Should We 3D Print Food?

Technology and food is constantly coming closer and closer together, until it will eventually be one and the same. The field of 3d printing food is a fatly emerging field that is growing at an astonishing pace. By 3D printing foods we can then cut down on how many animals are killed purely for their meat. Also most of the time the animal isn’t fully used and most of it gets thrown away. Along with emissions will be cut down because cows and animals won’t be slaughtered in massive bad for the environment factories. That’s why 3D printing food can help the world be better.

What Are The Downsides of 3D Food?

3D printing food is great but at the same time can have bad downsides. 3D printing food is a long way from becoming a mass produced product. It can take a very long time for a 3d printer to make intricate food so it would be incredibly hard, long, and expensive process. To mass produce it you have to have thousands of 3D printers so you can make mass product. It is also not “self-sustained” like a chicken farm. Although a chicken farm isn’t exactly self-sustained, it does have chickens that can reproduce and make more chickens and a good byproduct of eggs. You don’t have those kinds of benefits with 3-D printing because you have to buy new filament every time you run out and that costs a lot more money than just farming. Also there are no profitable byproducts of 3-D food. Lastly it just doesn’t taste the same or as good as normal food.

How Gummies Can Improve 3D Printing food.

Gummy candies can improve the 3D printing food because of how intricate and and complex it is, so it’s perfect to improve 3D printing food. The reason the extreme complexity helps improve 3D printing is because it adds another layer to the flavor and texture. Since it is so complex it allows to add layers to food that previously would’ve felt like a 2D experience since all the textures are the same. With increasing research in gummy candies 3D printed food will be almost identical to regular food in future years. Lastly the complexity will help the visual appeal because it adds more layers.

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