AI Generated Music

Explaining AI music


By: Xavier Chappell, Journalist

A song called Heart on My Sleeve by Drake and the Weeknd has gone viral with millions of plays except it was completely fake and made by AI.

What is AI music?

AI music is pretty self-explanatory, it is just music made by Artificial Intelligence which is what AI stands for. AI music has gotten very popular in the last few weeks but some people are scared that it will take over the music industry by replacing the real artists with AI.


Being a computer, AI is very smart and has the potential to revolutionize the music industry by making sounds only AI can make. Some musicians will use AI for inspiration for their music which will save them a lot of time.


Some songs will use the same algorithms and formulas which will make the music repetitive and boring. A lot of people are saying that AI music will lack creativity and passion because after all it is just a robot and it won’t compare to human music but some people just care if the music is good despite who or what made it.

AI in general is a very new and controversial topic and everyone has their own opinion on it, but one of the things that makes AI music different is that music is a very important part of some people’s lives and if music can just be created by the tap of a button, then those people might lose their jobs, lose a hobby or just might be sad.

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