AI Piloted Planes

The Future of Aviation.


By: Noah Yazdani, Journalist

Airplanes have been a popular form of transportation and Warcraft for a little over one hundred years. However, one thing about airplanes has remained constant over those years, and that is the piloting. Over 120 years since the first airplane was invented and flown by the Wright brothers, planes usually have to be manned by at least two pilots.

Recently, artificial intelligence has been the center of interest and technology. Companies have gone as far as making car prototypes that are completely AI-controlled. But recently, a new focus has emerged; planes. The air force has been working with other companies like DARPA(The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) to develop AI-controlled planes that can maneuver and fly better than any human-controlled plane.

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Obviously, since this technology is still in the testing, people are still in control of the aircraft and any point can take control in the case of a dysfunction in the system.

As the military has started developing AI planes, the possibility of commercial planes turning AI, and many companies have begun to develop and think about it. The company, Fly Emirates, is one of the first to begin developing the technology.


Even though companies are working towards AI planes, it will still take many years for the technology to work this is flawless and we probably won’t see AI planes flying over our heads for some years.