Space Rovers: Beyond Earth

The explorations and facts about space rovers


By: Angel Lobos Lima, Journalist

Space Rovers are a type of vehicle usually meant to be sent into space though it takes a lot of money to send one into space. One may have heard of the Perseverance Rover, which costs about 2.7 billion dollars. Also, did you know that Toyota is helping Japan’s Space Agency JAXA to build a moon rover? The moon rover’s mission is to discover the moon’s origin and evolution, which will be known as the LUNAR-A mission. These actions of making space rovers will give us more data and more exciting things to learn about our solar system, and with this data, we will be able to explore and discover even more. To add on, we mentioned the Perseverance Rover earlier. If you didn’t know, the Perseverance Rover was sent to Mars, and on Mars, it was on a mission to see if they could find Martin’s life on the planet. At one point, they lost the signal, but once it landed, we got the call back, and it was confirmed Perseverance Rover had landed at about 3:55 PM EST Thursday, Feb 13th.
Another thing is that Astrolabes’ FLEX has partnered with SpaceX to create the most capable rover ever to touch the moon’s surface. This rover will be massive. It weighs about 2 tons, and the papers have been signed, and the details of this agreement will be posted.





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