The Death Of Our Galaxy

The end of all that is known.


From NASA’s image library.

By: Shaan Sharma, Journalist

You may not notice it, but our Galaxy is slowly plummeting to its demise. The Milky Way Galaxy and the Andromeda Galaxy are set on a collision course that will lead to our Galaxy’s deaths. The Andromeda Galaxy is barreling towards us at an astonishing rate of 68 Mi/s or 110 kilometers per second which is 5,875,200 miles per day. Since both of the galaxy’s bounds are unknown they could be theoretically already colliding. Though it is theorized that the main part of the collision will happen in 4.5 billion years.

Source: Bryan Goff

The collision will rip apart both galaxies and form a new one, Milkdromeda or Milkomeda, formed from the rubble left behind by the once Milky Way Galaxy and Andromeda Galaxy. This new Galaxy will be very large since it’s a mix of two different galaxies. Since both galaxies have black holes they will collide making a new black hole that is going to be a quasar or an active galactic nucleus which are both very powerful black holes.

When the collision takes place, what will happen to our solar system? Well, our solar system is going to most likely be ripped apart, though it won’t matter much for us because the sun would have become a red giant and eaten the earth before. What gets left behind of both Galaxy’s is going to be a beautiful destructive solar show that the likes of man with never be able to see.