Inflatable Moon Habitat

The innovative design that was proposed to NASA


“moon 30-10-2009” by moosejaw00 is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

By: Aiman Ullah, Journalist

NASA has been proposed an idea from a company in Austria to help them come up with a way to help their astronauts survive in the harsh environment of the Moon. The company, PneumoCell, came up with an idea to build a inflatable Moon base. This concept could house thirty-two astronauts and sixteen greenhouses. The structure will be called PneumoPlanet, and it will be built with ultra-light, inflatable material coated in regolith (Regolith is loose rock that covers bedrock).

The habitat will keep the astronaut crew safe by protecting them from cosmic radiation and micrometeorites; additionally, it will be solar powered. Thomas Herzig, the lead architect and designer of PneumoPlanet, describes this habitat concept the best design, especially the aspect about establishing greenhouses. It will be hooked up with a mirror setup that will be elevated by carbon fiber tubes on a rotating magnetic ring. This innovation will allow natural sunlight to enter the greenhouses and power them. The mirrors are specifically set so that no harmful cosmic radiation will pass through and potentially cause problems in the astronaut’s environment. Because of this ingenious design, oxygen and food can be easily produced on the Moon.

PneumoPlanet is a complicated structure with a specific mirror setup, hyperbolic truss frame tower, multiple tunnels, and more. This design, funded by European Space Agency (ESA) and made by PneumoCell, will revolutionize our knowledge on creating a habitat on the Moon.


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