The German V-2 Rocket

Ah, the infamous V-2 Rocket. Something that could really put the Allies in their place, but have you ever wondered how this beast works. In this article, I will answer that question and more.


By: Lucas Nguyen, Journalist

The V-2 Rocket is a German-designed rocket and considered to be the first long range ballistic guided missile in the world which was used post war by the Allies for their atomic warheads.

How It Works

The V-2 Rocket is around 14 meters in length and 1.65(5.413386 feet) meters in diameters and  it weighs 12,500 kg(27557.783 lbs). It is powered by a liquid proponent powered jet engine running on liquid ethanol and liquid oxygen. A mixture of 75% ethyl alcohol and 25% water/liquid oxygen are pumped by pumps into the thrust/combustion area of the engine.

The pumps are powered by steam created by two internal fuel sources which runs on T-Stoff (80% hydrogen peroxide) and 66% sodium permanganate/ 33% water. This fuel source generates a heat of around 2,700 C (4892 F) which is cooled by the liquid ethyl alcohol that flows from the base of the combustion chamber, then to the injector at the top of the chamber. Whilst take-off is commencing, the steam created by the fuel sources go down into the exhaust allowing the gases to create the thrust.

The pressure of the thrust is 3 tons (2721.55 kg) during ignition. Lift-off would occur in 1 minute after ignition. 30 secs after lift-off, the V-2 Rocket will reach the speed of sound and during its flight, it can only be controlled by two gyroscopes, one for stability and one for guidance.

Its Legacy

The V-2 Rocket was a deadly rocket and since it was supersonic, it made no sound until it was too late for many people. The sound of the V-2 Rocket is scary as hell because once you heard it, you were screwed.

The rocket is credited for being one of the first rockets to reach the outskirts of space which helped to kick off the Modern Space Age

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