The Different Ways The World Might’ve Begun

the creation of the universe doing creation-of-the-universe things.


“NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Finds Dead Stars ‘Polluted with Planet Debris'” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

By: Grant Le, Jounalist

The end of the world. It’s a concept that has been passed around for ages, twisting and changing each time it’s passed around. It’s a very common to just wonder,

“What would happen if the world were to end, and how would it happen?”

and there are many theories to come out of this, ranging from a black hole, to a super intelligent alien race, to maybe even humanity being the cause. All these theories about the world ending are cool and all, but what about the beginning of the world? I will be going through and explaining some theories the best I can, whether it has scientific evidence or not.

The Big Bang Theory

This is a very well-known theory about the start of the universe, if not the most common, being widely accepted in the scientific community. It’s the belief that the universe was created by a singular explosion, which then in turn created a long list of events that went from the beginning of the stars, to you skimming this article because the title looked cool. This theory is pretty well supported by various pieces of scientific evidence gathered from various scientists, such as cosmic microwave background radiation captured by the Hubble telescope, galaxies moving farther apart as if propelled by a force, and also realizing that none of the cool space rocks they own date back further than 13.7 billion years. The reason why we don’t accept the Big Bang theory as fact, however, is because we don’t actually know what caused it.

The Ekpyrotic Theory

Yes, the name sounds complicated, but I’ll explain it in a way a C+ average middle schooler can understand. Basically, when two branes (three-dimensional worlds) collide in a space with a fourth-dimension, they sort of stick together and merge to create a universe (alright, maybe a B+ average middle schooler). This is the belief that the universe we exist in right now is a result of those two branes colliding. This attempts to try to explain how the Big Bang happened, though it was founded on the basis of unproven ideas.

“Grand Swirls from NASA’s Hubble” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0.

God’s Creation

With the recent uprising of Christianity (1095 AD), the belief that God created the universe, Earth and Heaven. The theory that there is some higher being responsible is not bad of an idea, as it would fill a ton of plot holes in the top-selling story of the universe, though in turn, is not supported by any evidence that could prove this belief scientifically.

The Egg

This is a theory that cannot be proven right or wrong whatsoever, because not only did this spring from a book, the proof lies in death. It is the belief that you– yes you– are in a sort of egg, that egg being the universe. An egg created by a higher being, waiting for you to hatch. In this egg, there is you, and only you. You might now be thinking:

“Well that’s totally wrong! I have my 3/4ths-albino half-bred Austrian-raised guinea pig right here!”

Yeah. That’s you too. It is the belief that everyone and everything that ever existed in all time is you, reincarnated throughout time. Everyone you’ve met has been you, and everyone you will meet will be you. You’ve experienced all joys, and you’ve experienced all pains all throughout history. But don’t let that get to your head, because as always;

That’s just a theory. A LAME THEORY. Thanks for reading.