Is There Life Out There? Mars


“Mars” by Kevin M. Gill is licensed under

By: Dannia Rajo Carballo, Journalist

There has always been a question about whether or not aliens exist, or if there is any sort of life on another planet. Well, scientists have discovered evidence that shows signs of liquid water on Mars, during the Noachian Time.  This proves that it could have been habitable for microorganisms. Although this gives the idea that there is a possibility it also doesn’t necessarily indicate life.

On August 7, 1996 in NASA’s auditorium lied a small, clear plastic box. Inside the box was a velvet pillow and on top of it was a rock from Mars. The scientists announced that they had found signs of life inside the meteorite. This rock had formed 4.5 billion years ago on Mars where it remained there until 16 million years ago when it was launched into space, likely due to the impact of an asteroid.

More recently on February 18, 2021 the Perseverance rover successfully landed, putting us in the position to know where to go, or what to look for on Mars. The question is what should we be looking for. To answer this, it is clear that there was not any civilizations on Mars so how should we know whether or not there is life on Mars? Well, we do know that at one point its conditions were wetter and a little warmer giving us the idea that there was once habitable environments on Mar’s surface.

In conclusion there is possibility that life on Mars did once exist, but still today we don’t know of any recent life, or life happening right now.