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Incredible Reusable Rockets


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By: Eric Yang, Journalist

In the vast world of Space many would think that it is difficult to explore, however, there is a new technology that could help further dreams of one day exploring the vast depths of space which are reusable rockets. Reusable rockets were featured with the Falcon 9 rocket developed by SpaceX. The concept of reusable rockets is something where the rocket boosters that usually fall off into the ocean land safely onto a ship. This makes it so that remaking another rocket is much cheaper and could be made faster.

Although many would think that only SpaceX possesses this type of technology Jeff Bezos’s space company Blue Origin is also looking at using reusable rockets. SpaceX and Blue Origin are the two companies that are looking into using this technology in the future. With these two companies looking into this exiting and relatively new concept it is important to discuss the most successful model made which is the Falcon 9.

SpaceX states that the “Falcon 9 is a reusable, two-stage rocket designed and manufactured by SpaceX for the reliable and safe transport of people and payloads into Earth orbit and beyond. ” This means that SpaceX is able to reuse some of its expensive parts, making it easier to build new rockets and can increase the amounts of launches into space. Using reusable rockets can also reduce the amount of spending in order to go to space. The Falcon 9 has a total of 137 launches and 97 landings. It also has 78 reflow rockets showing that SpaceX has probably conserved lots of money and time from just reusing all of its rockets.

Reusable rockets are shown off as a shining beacon of light showing that the far reaches of space are actually close than many will think. It can speed up the process of making rockets and speed up times between launches. It is only  a matter of time before lots of companies are using reusable rockets and we see more spaceflight in the future. Reusable rockets will take our space technology into a whole new level.




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