PlanetBase by Madruga Works


PlanetBase By Madruga Works

By: Philip Hughes, Journalist

You may be asking, what is Planetbase? Well, I will tell you what Planetbase is, what the game is about, and possibly more.

Getting Your Base Started

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From: Planetbase Review (PC) – GlitchFreeGaming

When you land on the planet of your choosing, you will get a set amount of materials to build and the amount is different depending on the planet. You also get a different amount of colonists and robots depending on the planet. Once you land you will need to build in a preferably flat open area, so you don’t have trouble with running out of space to build. Once you find a good space you will need to build a solar panel, then a battery, a water extractor, and then an airlock and oxygen generator, along with all the other necessary buildings that you will find out in the tutorial in the main menu, once you have all that down your colony will eventually be officially up and running.

Sustaining Your Colony

You will probably want to advance your colony and you will need new techs, colonists, and buildings to keep your colony around. One thing you will need is more colonists, and with that you will need more food production, so you will need to build bigger bio-domes, or you will need to build labs that produce meat, this will also help prevent malnutrition if you have a large variety. You will also need a landing pad to get more colonists, you can also accept traders to come to your colony that you can trade resources with. Another thing you will need in more sleeping space if you get more colonists, you can add sleeping space by building a dorm or cabin, and then building beds there. The final thing you will need is production, whether it be spares or bio-plastic, and if you need more production you will also need more workers and resources. Engineers and workers will be needed to successfully mass produce minerals, metal, bio-plastic, spares, and other resources to keep your colony up and running.

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Providing Services for Visitors and Luxuries for Your Colonists

Your colonists will need things to maintain their happiness, TVs are one way but the recreation room is one of the best ways because you can have TVs, but also exercise equipment to increase your colonist’s happiness, visitors will also enjoy these services. There is also the Bar, which turns vegetables into drinks, these drinks also increase your colonists happiness, visitors will also enjoy these services. If you allow visitors into your colony you will need to build extra structures to accommodate for the sudden increase in population in your base, the visitors will also eventually give you coins, but only when they leave. Finally, sometimes the visitors don’t have the best intentions and will try to take over your base, these people are called intruders, and they will kill colonists and guards until they are killed, they can also eventually come on colonist vessels as well, but it is easier to tell when that happens, rather than on a visitor ship.

Planetbase Tips and Advice

Here are some tips and advice that will help you run a successful colony:

  • For everyone (1) Biologist you should have up to only two (2) food production stations (ex. Plant pads and Vitromeat synt)
  • Try to build structures off of domes that don’t have wall items (ex. Biodome, Factory, etc.)
  • Build your Landing pads and Mines near your airlocks
  • Build a Medbay soon after you have stabilized your colony
  • If a person comes out of a colonist vessel with a purple suit, that is an intruder, immediately put your base on red alert

With that, you should now be ready to start your colony, help it survive, and eventually thrive!

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