Why We Have Unlimited Resources From Space – Asteroid Mining



“space” by fleskw is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Elvis Pham, Journalist

As you know, we humans have made machines like computers that are so much powerful than anything humanity could build decades ago. These machines we use are actually built with Terbium, Neodymium, or Tantalum. The resources we use to create these devices are the mining industries. These mining industries use dangerous chemicals like cyanide, sulphuric acid, or chlorine are used to extract the resources which are the ones responsible for harming biodiversity, bad air, water pollution, the destruction of landscapes. But what if we can do mining industries that can not harm anyone? Yes, we can! We can get resources from space. In space, there are things called asteroids which are millions of trillions of tons of rocks, metals, and ice, leftovers which made the planet 4.5 billion years ago. Scientists have begun to research meteoroids that may contain valuable metals that can cover the world’s metal needs for millions of years. Using rockets that cost fuel is bad since it would cost more and more to go further out in space which we chose to make electrical rockets. Electrical rockets could use electrical engines which use only a tiny bit of fuel to go to very far once in space. Once we find an asteroid, we can use thrusters or lasers to stop the asteroid from moving, we can use gravitational pull to bring the asteroid closer to earth on stable orbits. Once done, space mining equipment will be installed in orbit,  and will carefully be moving towards the asteroid, giant mirrors will be installed to focus sunlight and will heat up the asteroid rock, then it will grab the gravel and dust, and centrifuges separate dense from light elements. To bring back the valuable metals, we can use reusable rockets that return back to space. This is how we have unlimited resources!