A Solar Storm That Will End Humanity



“Coronal Rain, Solar Storm” by NASA Goddard Photo and Video is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Elvis Pham, Journalist

Solar storms, which are flares that vomits radiation and plasma in random directions. These coronal mass ejections (CMEs), can burst so big that they can hit the earth and have serious problems for humanity. But first, we must know how what the sun is, how they work, and how bad it can be. The sun is like a very hot ocean, it’s so hot that it can rip atoms into electrons and nuclei which all flow around each other in a plasma. Plasma, which is made of electricity-charged protons and electrons, can build magnetic knots that contain an enormous amount of energy. Once broken, the sun can vomit an enormous size of plasma into the solar system. If solar flares ever do it on Earth, we would be protected from the atmosphere by absorbing the blast of x-rays before hitting the earth’s surface. But this is not how we are protected from solar flares, there are big and dangerous ones called Solar Super Storms. These super storms happen every 2 centuries but if they ever do occur to earth, they can become a Geomagnetic storm. These storms can be so powerful that they can break millions of kilometers of wires that transport electricity and a complex grid of machines, like transformers, that makes it possible to transfer electricity a shutdown or break the transformers. But either way, engineers know how to fix this so easily that we don’t even notice it. But some solar flares can be so big that they can cause a whole blackout of a country that might take years for engineers to fix. These solar storms rarely happen so I think we would be safe for a very long time.