Why There Will Be a Robot Apocalypse

What will happen if we have a robot apocalypse? find out here!


Source: "Robot" by icgonmi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

“Robot” by icgonmi is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Selenia Behrouzi, Journalist

What if robots took over the world? That is a question many have asked themselves. You see it in movies, books and even plays! Usually this is taken as a joke, but I am going to show you how this might actually happen.

There are robots everywhere. even the device you are using to read this right now is a robot! With AI, they could all turn evil! Robots are getting more advanced by the second, but come on, without AI we would all be going crazy! This generation has a lot of tech!

In The Mitchells vs. The Machines, a 2021 Netflix movie, a phone with AI creates a robot apocalypse and the world goes insane! Since the WIFI turns off worldwide, everyone will do anything for WIFI! In the end, the Mitchells save the world and everything goes back to normal.

I, Robot a collection of nine stories by Isaac Asimov, is a classic that includes the three laws of robotics. The laws are: 1) A robot shall not harm a human and not let a human get harmed. 2) A robot must obey any instructions given to it, and 3) A robot must avoid any harm that comes to itself. These laws are actually very complicated if one interferes with the other. Also, if a robot disobeys a rule, there is no punishment. So if a robot decides to disobey, it can.

As you see in the video attached, many robots say and do very creepy things. Robots are getting smarter than us. Some robots are so smart, they can reprogram themselves! Coding and engineering may be fun, but we need to pay attention to these small details that could create an actual robot apocalypse and destroy us all.