Pros and Cons of Solar Energy


“Grand Canyon National Park: Visitor Center Solar Power System 0300” by Grand Canyon NPS is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Arya Gupta, Journalist

Solar Energy is a source that many know of. While people are aware of why it is good, few know why solar energy is disliked. Here are some pros and some cons of solar energy.


1)  Solar energy is environmentally friendly. Think of all the carbon dioxide that comes from fossil fuels. Since fuel combustion is not a part of solar energy, there are few greenhouse gas emissions.

2)  Fossil fuels are running out. They will not be there forever. With solar power, we are moving to gain more energy independence. We will be able to keep going if we can using power from the sun since it cannot run out one day.

3)  Electricity bills can be costly. A solar panel system can work up to about 35 years. In those years, you do not need to pay for energy from other sources. Solar energy can be good due to the lack of bills.


1)  In the nighttime, there is no sunlight. If you use up the saved power leftover from the day, you have no power leftover.

2)  The expense of solar panels when you first get them depends. However, they normally are costly. This makes few families willing to spend that much money on solar energy, even if they can pay for it.

3)  While most houses have similar roofs, some have unique roofs. Panels often do not fit within those roofs. Also, if you need more energy, you need more solar panels, which there may not be space to add.

If considering using solar energy, think about why it is good and bad. There are pros and cons to every energy source, and everyone has different preferences. Look at some links below for more information.

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