Pros and Cons of Artificial Intelligence


Source: Mike MacKenzie

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By: Arya Gupta, Journalist

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a machine or computer that mimics human abilities or intelligence. Some feel it is the future, but some dislike the idea using AI. Here are some pros and cons on AI.



 1) Accuracy

Humans make mistakes. Everyone has flaws and messes up. With AI, there is a higher chance of accuracy. People also use AI for medical reasons as studies show are more accurate than doctors in some fields.

2) Current Accessibility

Currently, we use Artificial Intelligence quite a bit. Siri and Alexa are examples of easily accessible AI. We use Artificial Intelligence for common things like weather prediction today.

3) Availability

With a person, they are not always available. People often need breaks during the work day, and go home every night to rest. However, AI are available 24/7. They can do anything no matter the time, unlike humans. This worries some, thinking this ability will lead to unemployment of real people.

4) Speed

Artificial Intelligence can get things done quickly and affectively. They can work work quickly without emotions affecting choices and decisions. AI also can understand complex information that few can make sense of.



1) Uncontrollability

If someone codes an AI to do something destructive, we cannot control the choices made. While programming errors like this is are not likely to be like the crazy Sci-Fi movies we watch, there is always a chance of something terrible happening.

2) Human Ethical Considerations

Humans have ethics that are often considered before making a choice. If some parts of Artificial Intelligence become sentient or capable of feeling, do they deserve any (human) rights? At that point is it okay to put down or kill a program?

3)  Lack of Emotion

AI does not consider emotion, which some think to be a good thing. However, what happens if they are given a goal, yet using their calculated logic, they do something wrong. AI has no emotions. Right and wrong are chosen based on coding logic, not emotion.

4) No Creativity

Living creatures are creative. Both humans and animals use that creativity everyday to get them out of trouble. Some think that the understanding of words and numbers makes Artificial Intelligence better than humans. But what can AI use when in trouble? Programming cannot think of every possible issue.


There is no better option on the topic of Artificial Intelligence. Take a minute to consider both sides, and which makes more sense to you. Feel free to read more from the sources below!


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