Why Will Hytale be Unique?



By: Ryan Wells, Journalist

5 years ago, the developers of the largest Minecraft server in the world began development on their own stand-alone game. Hytale is the most anticipated game of the past 2 years. Hytale was bought by Riot games, one of the largest game companies in the world. Hytale will combine the sandbox gameplay that Minecraft has with the vast RPG progression and adventure that games like Terraria offer. I will explain a short history of the game and why it will be one of the best games ever made.

Hytale released the trailer in December 2018 and won the Golden Joystick award the year later. To this date, the trailer for the game has almost 60 million views. The feature I am most excited about is the multiplayer aspect. This will allow players to have fun with their friends. Since Hypixel is a server owner, they will make it easy to play with friends, in contrast to Minecraft’s overly complicated multiplayer scene. Not only will Hytale have amazing progression and adventure, but it will have some aspects of a metaverse. A metaverse is a virtual setting with characteristics of real life. In the trailer, a virtual movie theater was featured. I think this feature will revolutionize watch parties. The adventure mode will take place on the planet “Orbis,” and all through the gameplay, players will discover lore and history about the game and planet. The 3 different starting zones all will have different structures, landscapes, and animals. For example, Zone 1 will be a temperate forest in some areas, and grassy rolling hills in some areas. Zone 2 will take place in a windy desert with canyons and cracked sandstone mountains. Zone 3 will be the hardest zone, with a cold spruce forest, snowy mountains, tundra, and frozen rivers. Hytale will release the tools they used to make the game so that developers can create modifications with new mobs, animations, and items and release them to the community. Similar to Minecraft, Hytale will support creativity with giant builds and castles as well as the exploration aspect. All in All, this game is jam-packed with features and entire aspects that no game has used before.

In conclusion, Hytale will revolutionize the game industry and might make some older games obsolete. The potential for this game is unlike any other, and it will provide a medium for people to build, create, explore, and aspects of game development like programming and 3d design. Hytale is set to release in early to mid-2021, and I encourage everyone to try it out when it is available.