The First Hytale Screenshot of 2021

By: Tomi Vacca, Journalist

Image source:

On Friday, the 8th of January, the Hytale team posted their first screenshot of 2021 on their twitter. This shows that the team is coming back to work after their well deserved winter break. The screenshot appears to show a swamp biome slowly transitioning into a potential magic forest biome that the team showcased in previous blogposts. An interesting thing to point out is how the water changes color in different biomes. Perhaps the most interesting thing in this image though are the two creatures that can be spotted on the swamp side of the river. One of the creatures appears to be a generic Hytale frog while the other creature is like a massive toad with horns and sharp teeth. This image continues to build the already immense amount of hype that people have for this upcoming game, and it also shows  the talent of the team behind this great game.

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