Polluting Ocean Effects



“Be Positive. It’s not too late.” by Boyce Duprey is licensed under CC BY 2.0

By: Andrea Lizama, Journalist

To start off it’s not just trash in the ocean, it has more effects to it, more interactions that causes many things. Lots of oceans are filthy and covered with trash. The Mediterranean also know as one of the most polluted oceans in the world, if you didn’t know well now you do.  Getting into the effects and dangers towards it, many deaths of animals is sad leading more into it, it causes for population going around here and there along with other animals risking their lives, not only does it happens in the ocean but our in the forests, jungles, anywhere!

Oil, chemicals and polluting is mainly caused by human activity the followings are, throwing trash in the streets, oceans, land, when they really belong into trash cans.

As you read along things like these can do so much damage. Therefore we can do somethings to help and and prevent is by being more consistent on where trash should be thrown.