How AI Will Change Sports

AI is changing everything.


“Artificial Intelligence & AI & Machine Learning” by mikemacmarketing is licensed under CC BY 2.0

While AI is taking the world by storm many still believe that sports would not be affected by this new technology, however it has already begun to effect how players play, and how they practice. Many new systems are being implemented today using some AI technology such as VAR in soccer. These new systems are already beginning to make a massive impact in the games we see today and with these technologies referees can make more precise and more accurate decisions. One impact that AI can have is improved coaching and analysis in the gameplay. Athletes often watch their own games back to see how they can improve and get better. With AI it takes it to a whole new level where it can make precise measurements and athletes can get a complete understanding on what they need to improve on. Another way AI is going to affect sports is in safety. Safety has always been a difficult issue in some sports and with AI they can improve the safety of the players. For example in NASCAR they can implement a detection system for a malfunction and something wrong with the car. Another example of improvement in safety would be in a sport such as Football where there is a lot of physical contact and many of those players suffer from concussions. A way that AI can improve on this is that it can detect if the brain or skull has taken damage and needs medical service. Another key part in sports are youth programs and their youth academy. Especially for the top level teams you need to have a good scouting program and with more and more footage of games being available, using AI technology they can improve on scouting players faster and better. Overall AI will only improve sports and make the future bright for the world of sports and the technology will only get better.


How Will Artificial Intelligence Change the World of Sports?