2020 Aston Martin DBS Volante

By: Seth Job, Journalist

The Aston Martin DBS Volante is a supercar made in England. It is one of the greatest cars ever made. It is a car rival to the Ferrari 812 GTS and Bentley Continental GT. This supercar is a convertible. It has a 8 layer fabric roof which folds in 14 sec. It also has a humungous grill, 21 inch Black Diamond Turned Alloys, wide strong haunches, amazing carbon fiber side vents, and a clamshell bonnet which has a 5.2 Liter Via  Turbo V12. The things that basically stands this car out is the q gold under bonnet pack that has gold quilted bonnet installation, a gold dipstick plaque, and a gold oil filler cap. You can see all those though the vents in the bonnet.

Another one of the coolest things of this car is the sound it makes. Interestingly, there are 2 ways to start the supercar. There is a normal mode which uses a quick press on the start button. The second mode is a quiet mode. All you do is just hold the start button a little longer and the engine isn’t as loud when you turn it on. Most Aston Martins use engines that are provided by Mercedes AMG. However, this supercar’s engine is built by Aston Martin itself. The supercar uses 2 twin turbo’s to good effect which makes 725 metric horsepower and 900 newton meters of torque. The convertible is 150 kilograms heavier than the coupe. With all this power, it will do a 62 in 3.4 sec and reach 211 mph with the roof up or down.

This car isn’t what you would always use for the track. You would want to use this in your daily life. It has 4 seats so you can ride around with your girlfriend/wife or friends and family. The rear seats aren’t really big and can probably fit like small children or a small adult. The trunk isn’t really that big as well, maybe big for like 2 small suitcases, or a couple work bags. The trunk has a Aston Martin umbrella for you and a wind deflector. The seats in the car aren’t the fanciest but they are pretty good. The screen is low res and there is no apple car play and android auto. The car has a motorized bang and Olufsen speakers and an electrically operated center console that you can use to hide your stuff.

You can drive the supercar 3ways, hard, medium, or soft. On the steering wheel on the left hand side, there is a button with an icon of a damper. When you press it, it changes the amount of damping you get in the car. Soft is a mode which you can use to go school or something like that. Hard is what you can use for a race track or if you just want to speed for some reason. Middle setting is basically both combined.

On the other side of the wheel is the setting for the different driving modes. You can put it on GT which is the softest setting. Sport is where everything rises up a bit. The sound is loud and things just pop up. Sport+ is basically taking Sport up a notch. This car is a car which basically anybody can drive. With all these modes this car is so fun to drive. Rory (person in video) say that this car is super relaxing and luxurious.