Waymo- Google’s Self-Driving Car Project


By: Aafreen Ali

Waymo stands for a new way forward in mobility. The project’s goal is to create a self-driving car with no human driver necessary. This elimination of the human driver gets rid of the risk of distracted driving. If and when this new project succeeds, driving risks will be reduced to a minimum and our roads will be safer. However, there is no safety driver, or human driver to take over from autopilot, should things go wrong. I believe there should be a manual override installed in the car so that this risk is not so prominent. Overall, though, Waymo is a project with great goals and the end result will most likely revolutionize our future.

This relates to engineering because Waymo is solving the problem of distracted driving by removing the human driver completely. They are also following the engineering process. They researched automated technology, developed new tech for the car, and prototyped their solution. Waymo is currently testing their creation with human passengers in Phoenix, Arizona.

Source- Waymo