The iPhone X

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Source- Apple

The iPhone X, which will be released on November 3, is very different from other Apple devices. This phone is being released alongside the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus as a part of Apple’s 10-year anniversary release. The iPhone X’s supposed appearance and software are very different from the features of past iPhones.

The camera on the new phone is dual-lens and horizontally oriented. In addition, the home button has been eradicated and built into the screen. Unfortunately, this also means that the fingerprint sensor is being eradicated as well. The X also has a curved screen. In addition, the X uses OLED, which uses less power and provides darker blacks on the screen than regular LED. The front-facing camera has 3D sensing, facial recognition and augmented reality features, which is amazing. Lastly, the iPhone X will be running iOS 11, which, when paired with the X’s new front camera, has new features like augmented reality editing and Animojis (animated emojis).

Source- The Daily Mirror

The iPhone X is the result of the hard work of many engineers. Software engineers created the iOS 11 software that the X uses. Electrical and computer chip engineers created the chip for the phone, mechanical engineers helped with the machines that help mass-produce the X and production engineers figured out how to mass-produce the phone. These are just a few of the types of engineers that helped with the creation of the iPhone X. The phone is truly a marvel of engineering. It has so many cool functions that will change our world greatly, and are likely to make life easier.

In my opinion, the iPhone X will be amazing, especially because it has so many new features and is so different from Apple’s previous inventions! Check it out when it is released on November 3.

Article Source- Business Insider