Day 7 Levitating Top: Some Small Problems


After cutting out the extra parts from the 3-D printed items, I noticed some small problems. First of all, some of the 3-D prints were slightly incorrect. My top was printed sideways and a little deformed, so the ring magnet wouldn’t fit in it. However, I found a solution! I used very rough sand paper to shred off the deformed part, letting the ring magnet slide in. Another small problem was that my base cap couldn’t fit smoothly into the base. This meant that it was incredibly difficult to take the base cap out. Luckily, this problem was quickly solved by sliding the cap on and off the base, slowly wearing it down. In conclusion, those were the two main problems I had with the 3D printed materials. The top was deformed but fixable with sandpaper, and the cap could be worn down by removing it from the base repeatedly until the texture was smooth. The next step is putting the magnets into the base.