Day 5 Levitating Top: 3-D Printing My Parts


By: Omer Do Santos

Day 5 of the levitating top took a while, due to the research and preparation necessary to 3D print. As I explained in my last article, I used a .stl file (found here) for my levitating top parts and transferred it to Cura for editing. I sent it to the Ultimaker 3 Extend program when I was satisfied. With that, I am able to 3D print the first of my levitating top materials, which is the base’s cap. The Ultimaker 3 Extend claims that it will take approximately four hours before it can start 3D printing my next part. All in all, the program will take about five hours to 3D print my materials for the levitating top. I found all of the 3D part files and how to make the levitating top in this blog here. In conclusion, I have started to 3D print my parts by using a .stl file of my levitating top parts before transferring the files to Cura, a 3D printing software. When I finished modifications on my file, I transferred the new file to the Ultimaker 3 Extend, a 3D printer. Currently, I am currently 3D printing my parts.