Day 6 Levitating Top: All of the Materials Arrive


*photo taken by IXtr3m3*

It has been a while since I submitted my purchase order, but my materials have finally arrived after weeks of waiting. With joy and relief, I opened all of them to see what was inside: 3 packages of Neodymium Disc Magnets, with six magnets per package. The package was stuck together, which gave me a hard time taking it out. However, I was amazed that the magnets were so strong. The other magnet was the Neodymium Ring Magnet, which has three magnets per package. I only need one of them, so I have three magnets to work with. Furthermore, I finally finished the 3D printing parts, so I am now ready to start building the prototype/product. In conclusion, I now have all of my 3D printed materials and magnets. Thus, I can finally start building the levitating top!
If you are interested in making a levitating top, I discovered how to build it by using the link here.