Day 4 Levitating Top: 3-D Printing


I will 3-D print my base and part of my top. I do not know if this is going to cost me, but I hope that it will be cheap. I will be using the Ultimaker 3, and Cura as the software. Using this software, I can use the files I gathered here. Then, I would implement the files in the software Cura, and see a preview.

I believe that, in total, the 3-D printing is going to take about 16 hours, even though my product is small. I plan to put a lot of infill into the material, to make sure that the materials I will 3-D print won’t be fragile or break easily. I believe that the filling color should be white or black, depending on which color is available.

Anyway, I will hopefully start 3-D printing next week, but I won’t have the other materials until next week. When I get them, I might start building my project, after weeks of planning.