Football Down Line Tech


Football touch downs can be a hard thing to determine, luckily there is great technology to hep officials decide the right call.

Martellus Bennett’s Touchdown (?) and the Case for Goal Line Technology in the NFL

When watching football on T.V. you might not think much of the yellow down line broadcast for you. It seems as though it is painted on the field. How this is achieved is a very interesting process. First, the football field is measured and a 3-D model is created. After that the different angles and ways the cameras move are recorded and constantly measured. The computer uses all of this data to draw the line on the correct place on the field, at every distance or angle. You might also be wondering how the line does not appear on the players. This is possible because before the game the exact colors of the grass on the field are measured. Then when a color or person crosses the line and does not match the color of the field, the pixels of the line are removed. The technology used to create this is remarkable

This is related to engineering because it took lots of work and ides to make this happen. To create this line the people had to engineer and create a way to broadcast it. This wouldn’t be possible if they didn’t come up with ways to solve different problems, such as camera angles. Solving problems is also part of the engineering process.