3D Printer can Make Body Tissues

3D Printer can Make Body Tissues

By: Grace Rose

Scientists have developed a technique that uses a specific 3D printer to create therapeutic biomaterials. They think the complex printed tissues could be used in surgeries or transplants in the future.

This 3D printer has two main parts. One is a microfluidic chip which controls the movement of liquids in small objects. It has multiple sections that all print different materials. It also has many tiny mirrors that all move by themselves. The printer uses automated stereolithographic bioprinting. This means that mirrors direct light onto the printing surface theses areas are where outline of whats being printed is traced. The light also triggers molecular bonds.

This could be used to help with research and help during surgeries and transplants. It could also help researchers understand the human body better.


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This relates to engineering because scientist are developing new ways to use a 3D printer that will benefit our current needs and problems and went through the engineering design process to make the product.