3D Printed Necklace


Today I will be teaching you how to make your own 3D printed necklace. It is a fun project to do by 3D printing the parts.

The first step to making your necklace is to take a picture/scan what you want the shape of your necklace to be. When your taking your pictures you have to make sure that it’s on a flat surface, take more than one photo, also make sure theirs good lighting the printer won’t process when its dark. Then you can go and download your  3D photo off of 123D Catch, also save it to files. Next you have to attach your file into a website called Meshmixer, the first thing your gonna want to do is remove the surface your picture was on, then shape up and make your object smooth. Now you are able to print whatever made. Now finish up your other pieces for your necklace. That is how you 3D print a necklace.

This relates to engineering because it shows the engineering steps and you have to design it yourself.