how to combine legos with a Nintendo Switch

Do you ever just want a steering wheel for your Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons, but don’t want the official ones from Nintendo?

How ’bout ones made of Lego? While you’re at it, how ’bout a better kickstand for the Switch? This guy made some. He basically made an upgraded kickstand, two upgraded grips, and two ways to implement a lego steering wheel. A link to the article and a video is below.


It works because of a 3D printed part that connects to the Switch and Joy-Cons as if they were official parts that you slide on. These are also textured in such a way that allows them to be connected to Lego pieces. The kick-stand and Joy-Con grips are self-explanatory. The steering wheel(s) are more interesting. You don’t even need to activate the Gyro on the Joy-Con itself. When the wheel(s) are turned, it turns a series of gears which is attached to the control stick on the Joy-Con.

This connects to engineering because it effectively innovates on the current kickstand and Joy-Con grips. These things already exist and function properly. This guy just improves them using outside resources – 3D printers and Lego.

Who knew Lego could work well with Nintendo.