how to play the nintendo switch with one hand


Source: A Aninon [email protected]

By: Alex Lopez


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Joy-Cons are pretty cool. However, you need to use two hands to control it properly. This becomes a problem when you only have one working hand.

First, some background on the maker. He has a friend who had lost control of his right hand in an accident. With this, he made this one handed Joy-Con grip so that he could still play Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. It is essentially something that holds the Joy-Cons at right angles from each other. Simply slide on the two Joy-Cons. The button inputs for each finger are the follows:  The thumb controls the Left Stick, Left shoulder button, and d-pad inputs. The index finger controls both trigger buttons and the right shoulder button. The middle finger controls the face buttons and the ringer finger controls the right stick.

It is made by being 3-D printed. The maker was kind enough to leave the file for the 3-D model up on the page. The button combinations will (naturally) be very different from the combinations with the two-handed grip. However, with a little time, one could get used to it. In fact, in the video below, he manages to take out a powerful Axe Guardian, while implementing some advanced tricks (Flurry rush).

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This connects to engineering because the guy had a problem – he couldn’t play on his Nintendo Switch as most games require control over both Joy-Cons. Thus, he came up with several ideas, as explained in his article, tested them out for comfortability, threw out ideas, and improved them, until he had the best one he had – the one-handed Joy-Con grip we are talking about.

So, yeah if I lose a hand I know where to go.