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Neofect, a Korean company known for rehabilitation showed off a prototype of the NeoMano at the CES.

This new glove helps those who have had a spinal cord regain the use of their hands. It’s made of leather and looks a bit like an archery glove that covers only thumb, index finger, and the middle finger. Image result for NeoMano Robotic GlovesThe NeoMano is going to have campaigns for funds, and is expected to be available this year.

How it works.

This glove has titanium wires that move those three fingers to perform task such as picking up a glass, holding a toothbrush or opening a door knob. This glove has a controller that has two settings, grip and release.

How does this relate to engineering?

This relates to engineering because of how innovative this project has been, and how many people this project will help.

Hopefully this project will be successful, so that people who have lost the ability to move their hands will have that ability again.


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