Pilot Wireless Headphone Translators


The pilot wireless headphone translators are used so people who speak different languages can communicate. This is important to help break language barriers between people.

Pilot connects to an app that uses speech recognition and machine translation to convert spoken language. This is more convenient then translating books or apps because it plays a translation directly to the listener. There is only a small delay from when they speak till the earpiece translates it. This device needs to be connected to the internet in order for it to work but developers hope to come out with a version that dosen’t need to be connected to the internet. These will sell for $299. To start out these earpieces will only translate¬†English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese but the company plans to add more languages.

This works because the ear piece is specially designed to translate human speech with high audio clarity.  It then passes through a translation engine in the cloud so that you can hear the translation in your ear.

This relates to engineering because some one wanted to solve the problem of language barriers and they came up with a solution to the problem. They took headphones and changed and updated them to help with new problems.

Pilot wireless headphones are helping break language barriers and more and more languages are being added to the lists of languages that these headphones can translate. One day everyone may use these to help them communicate with other people.

Waverly Labs’ Pilot earpiece promises to translate languages in real time

How Does the Pilot Work?