personal assistant (ai)

personal assistant (ai)

we all know Alexa ,google home and mini. Well meet my personal assistant legistic

Legalistic is my own vision of  personal assistants available

It will be able to have 100% ability to change its own personal (AI) settings e.g. voice,word choice or even its own opinion to what you think is better or best for you and/or your superiors, friends, and family.

Legistic will be moreover an entertainment p-a for you and your friends to enjoy by having a capability to think outside the box, legistic is more of a logical than a informer. This personal assistant will be able to do the things that both Alexa and google can do search the web, buy things online, find the answer to your math homework, control your in home settings. So much more all with your command

All the other p-a mentioned all have no real personality. This is the one that does

this is only an idea but, here there are more info on a-i p-a’s 👇

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this is included witrh engineering since you have to manufacture and program these robots to be what they are this includes electrical and robotics

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