3D Print a minimalist cellular device case


Have you ever felt like your phone and case was too bulky? Or do you like the feeling of your naked phone?Your phone is thin and you can feel the nice cold aluminium body in your hand. In this post, a person 3D prints a very minimalistic phone case. It provides adequate protection against drops but does not cover up your beautiful phone. The case does not interfere with the functionality of your phone at all. A bonus feature added is that you can print straps on the case to hold a few cards.

When you drop your phone, the corner of the phone usually hits the ground first. This means that the corner takes the most impact. In this design, the corners are made thicker to absorb impact from hitting the ground. The straps on the back are used to hold the case together but could also be used to hold a few cards or maybe a little bit of cash.

First, you draw out the case and design the case on AutoCAD software on your computer. Then you print it out and test fit on your phone. The case might not fit perfectly at first so just edit the


program and reprint untill it fits perfectly.

I feel like this story relates to engineering because it involves designing and making something. This story relates to the real world because almost everyone today uses a case on their celluar device.