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Pointe Shoes

Ever wondered what it would be like to stand on your toes for several hours? Would it hurt? Well this article will explain all about pointe shoes.

Cicada Ice Cream

You know when bugs get in your drink or food? Imagine bugs being put in your food and then you purposefully eat it? Apparently, that's what people do when they eat cicada ice cream.

What Bleaching Does To Your Hair

Thinking about bleaching your hair? Want to know more about the consequences... or rather, the reward??? Well then this article is for you. In this article I talk about what could possibly go wrong and right and whether you could recover from those possible damages that you would do to your hair.

How Does Salt Melt Snow?

Why does salt, a component that seasons our foods, melt ice? This all starts with frozen water, that is what snow an ice are made up of after all.

Covered in Fire

Have you always wondered why there are different colors of fire? Well there is only one reason why, maybe two but...
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